I don't need an excuse 'cause I'm wearing my brand new shoes.

I took the decision of starting to wear high heeled shoes, and send to hell the self-conscious feeling I get when people stare at me as if I were a freak in the streets whenever I attempt to wear a pair (I live in a country were women rarely grow past 5'4", a man who's 5'6" is already considered tall and I'm taller than that, so you get the picture). And ever since I've stayed up until 3 or 4 a.m. just browsing shoes online and drooling all over my keybord, wishing I could afford a pair of beautiful Jeffrey Campbell wedges. At some point, during one of my late nights, the idea of getting a part time job just so I could buy some of his shoes cruised my mind, and it didn't seem too wacky. But oh God, just take a look at these cuties...

 (Tickle open toe slashed booties. Picture from Shopbop.)
(99 fur in leopard. Picture from Solestruck.)

JF has became my favorite shoe designer. I loved every single one of his shoes, but those 2 were my favorites. Also, the selection in Acne was beautiful, but these wedges took my breath away...

(Atacoma black metal A/W 09. Picture from Acne.)

But they're really expensive (a little bit more than $500 USD), and Acne does not deliver to my country. Anyways, dreaming costs nothing though. On the brighter side of this situation, I also took a look at the shoes from the stores where I normally buy clothes and found some that were gorgeous AND affordable.



(Pictures from Pull and Bear)

(Picture from Zara)

The Pull and Bear sandal wedges, and the Zara clogs are the ones I like the most.


As she watches the sun

( Zara t-shirt & skinny jeans, Forever21 leather cropped jacket, my sister's old red flats, Bershka wayfarer sunglasses, H&M necklace and Charlotte Russe rings)

First outfit post, let's see how this turns out. I wore this today to school, a lunch with some friends and through some errand runings. So mainly I was looking for comfort with all that moving around. Also, I'm ecstatic because a friend of mine kindly agreed to help me with the outfit pictures. I took those myself and turned out nice enough, but it's always better to have someone willing to help with these kind of stuff, and I know he'll be great. The happy events didn't stop there today, I found out there's an American Apparel store here!. So tomorrow  I'll go and buy a pair of thigh high socks that will compliment perfectly what I'm planning to wear to a friend's birthday party. Now I'll go ahead and have a good night rest, I'm so sleepy my head hurts.


I'm just a little bit caught in the middle, life is a maze and love is a riddle.

  1.   The stuff I use to style my hair. I keep it on top of the toilet because of my lacking of a better place to put them. The Catwalk amplifier booster is the best.
  2. Since today I run out of shampoo and conditioner I bought some. I read about the John Frieda haircare collection on this month's Nylon issue and it sounds pretty good, so I'm going to try it out. Normally I would buy the shampoo/conditioner combo of the same brand and line, but at the store they only had the conditioner, so I got that Organix Coconut Milk shampoo just because it smelled delicious.
  3. Pretty stuff I keep on top of my printer for decoration of my computer's desk.
  4. Today was so cold and rainy my window got all dirty and steamy. Talking a little about the picture, I love the way unfocused lights look.
  5. I got hungry during my snapshot rampage and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.
  6. That's some coffee syrup flavors my dad buys for me whenever he gets the opportunity of going to Target. We're running out of my favorite, vanilla.
  7. Our coffee machine has a grinder, so there's always fresh grinded coffee in the mornings. I love that smell.
  8. My dad's cigar collection.
  9. Cigar boxes, some traveling magazines and the most curious looking candles I've ever seen.
  10. A perfume bottle and a soap dispenser. I like the design on the dispenser, it's kind of french... ish.
  11. Today those 50mm lens arrived in the mail for my dad and I couldn't resist to try them out. I spend around an hour and a half taking all those photographs and so many more. It didn't matter what I photographed, with those beautiful lens everything looked ridiculously good.
  12. Even I looked good in my jammies, glasses and lazy hairdo.

Lately I've been thinking about turning these into a style blog. I mean, I'll still keep on uploading my photographic works to the galleries, but I'd like to post some outfit pictures as well. This idea got into my head since lately I've been getting a lot of compliments about the way I dress. Since the last moths of last year I've been going through a "style evolution", mainly because I got bored with my look and wanted to be more stylish. I'm taking risks and being more daring, and the people around me had responded positively, so obviously I'm doing something right, and I couldn't be happier about it of course. Dunno, I think I'll make that style blog bet. It's going to require lots of dedication and me convincing someone to help me with my pictures, but I think I'm able to do it.  


Such a long long time.

It's been ages since the last time I posted anything in here! Or at least it feels like that to me. I changed the layout of this thingy because I wanted to be able to post bigger pictures and I like the sidebar to the left. On the right it looked kind of weird and awkward to me, dunno why. Now I have to make a new banner and do some adjustments, but those will come later, right now I feel cold and sleepy so I'll just share a quick summary of what's been going on.

(Picture by Poli Green)

I went to have dinner with Poli some weeks ago. We went to these sushi bar we love so much in which you pay $13.oo and you can order whatever you want from the menu. Of course the portions they give you are smaller than the regular ones but there's no limit on how many dishes you can order. It's kind of an "all you can eat" thing. The catch is you can't take the leftovers home with you, so that makes me feel the need to clean every plate. The result was Poli and me leaving the restaurant by rolling instead of walking. Also, before dinner we went to buy some cigarettes. We've seen this new Camel no. 9 adds on magazines and felt really curious about them. That and me being me I'll buy almost anything just because it's pink or has pink on it. Besides being pretty they turned out to be good, or at least we liked them. The mint ones taste like minty chocolate.

That's Poli lovingly giving me the finger. Sometimes she's camera shy and that's what you get if you try to get a picture of her during those times. I adore her peace and love sign tattoo, and the place where she chose to put it makes me laugh.

Oh! That makes me so excited. At school I'm taking these subject on black and white photography, but it's not digital photography, it's film photography. So we get to use reflex cameras, develop our own films and print the pictures. Last class we made some light try outs and that's mine. Tomorrow we're really printing. My film negatives turned out kind of weak so when I print my pictures they're not going to have a really high image quality, but I like it that way. It makes the pictures to look old, sort of vintage, and I LOVE vintage so I'm happy anyways.

Also, since we've been having sunny days (they've been cold, but at least I'm getting some sunshine) I've been taking some more pictures of my dog. I know that may not sound exciting, but I love photographing her, because whenever I take out a camera she'll stay really still, like posing, and I found that hilarious every time. Any way, my point is that I'm gonna put together the ones I like the most and make a gallery with them. By the way, I found a program that allows me to make image galleries, put titles and some captions on the pictures, and upload them to the web; which is exactly what I've been looking for, so now I'll be able to make really neat and clean looking galleries.


I dream of summer.

Picture from the "Beach Essencials 2009" article of Teen Vogue mag.

I wish that was one of my best friends and I right now!
And that I was that skinny hahaha.

Have I ever mentioned how absolutely miserable I am during the cold months? I don't know, I'm just not a winter/autumn person. I strongly dislike cold weather... I don't even like snow. And if you put together cold+cloudy sky/rain you have the perfect combination to make me depressed and unwilling to do anything but to lay in bed. Yes, winter depresses me and I'll never get tired of whining about it. Please summer come soon! Bring me my beloved bright blue skies, sunny days, hot afternoons, flip flops, denim shorts, ice cream cones and beach trips!... Man! I can't wait to be old enough to make good money and move to somewhere warmer, like, California. I've been to San Diego a couple of times, and to LA once, and simply fell in love with CA's weather.