"Keep the 5. I'll do you a favor... I'll take the 10!"

I've been driven crazy with final exams, there fore there haven't been time for some outfit photos, which is a bust. And also I know I haven't replied to your lovely comments, which is very important to me. But I promise I will, you know I always do :) Anyways, I found my self blogging from school between exams, and since I have no photos I'm going to talk about a foxy lady that I adore: Nicole Richie. God, I could go on and on about how cool I think she is. When I used to watch The Simple Life I related more to her, I'm goofy like that and some times I can have a dude's sense of humor LOL. Yes, she may be a bit too thin and that's always a controversial theme, but that doesn't keep her from being such a stylish woman. I look up to her fashion sense a lot, it's very effortlessly chic and has that boho-rocker vibe that I just adore. She's always looking perfect in my book, even being a mom, and I think that's challenging. Many women loose themselves in motherhood, and I'm not saying that your looks is more important than your kids, that's crazy talk, but I grew up with a mom that no matter what always had her hair and make up done, and would always be in 6 inches heels, so in my opinion one must never forget to look after herself. So, of course, I think Nicole Richie is a super stylish mom, don't you think?

She's totally living the life, or at least she's living my dream life being the fashionable mom of a couple of beautiful babies and having a hot rocker fiance.

Yeah, that will be me some day, walking down the street hand-in-hand with my tattooed rock n' roll boyfriend LOL.


kirstyb said...

she always looks amazing xxxxx

The Fashion Moodboard said...

She really looks amazing, I love every single outfit! Love your blog too btw :)

Nat Elizabeth said...

Don't worry about exams!
And I agree she's a stylish mum - bit on the skinny side, but still, she has a beaut figure!

libys11 said...

amazing amazing style she has! :D

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Jess said...

I love her style! And I like your blog and pics :)

Jess From Taiwan.

ViCreative said...

love her. the heels she's wearing in the first picture are great!!

(new post: Missoni inspired top & follow me)

Martwa Marta said...

there;s something yummy about tatooed guys! i like her style as well!

Zaia said...

shes so skinny and fragile but she has the style! i totally want a boyfriend like this too, just rocking!


emilywilson said...

I love her style, she is interviewd in this months Instyle magazine and now i completly in love with her. LOOOVVVEE your blog aswell! i'm following :) xxx


oh, i love nicole, she's amazing <3