Life is picnic.

( t-shirt and tote - Zara / shorts - DIY Sfera cut-offs / gladiator sandals - local shop in León, Mex. / necklace - C&A / belt - my dad's closet / sunglasses and rings - local stores )

Last Sunday I had a lovely day with a pair of my girlfriends. We went to have a picnic and then saw a pair of painting exhibitions that were taking place at the park. Oh, and also we went boy watching hahahaha there were some hot skaters, WIN! :) lately I discovered I'm sort of boy-crazy. Not too much, God no, but just enough to always notice a cute guy passing by. I'm the type of girl that will discretely whisper to you "look over there, but don't be to obvious", while smiling mischievously LOL. Is that too weird?


Mia Härter said...

What a cool flower bag!!!

I'd love you to stop by and join my giveaway;)



oliolioli said...

that painting is amazing! your handbag is really cool!

maggeygrace said...

I loveeeee your bag! That right there is a work of art :) And your jewelry is so cute. Your hair is gorgeous. Basically, I could dish out a thousand compliments about how much I love these pictures :)

Nat Elizabeth said...

omg your bag and hiar are to die for...so bloody stunning!

Meg! said...

What cute photos! :D And yes... I am definitely always noticing attractive young men in my vicinity. What fun is life if you can't enjoy hot dudes?

isabella thordsen said...

very nice post!

kirstyb said...

loving the sunnies xxxx

Vicky Klbr said...

love your sunnies! they're great!
and that paintings are very nice!

thanks for your comment, (and sorry for my late reply)

Martwa Marta said...

such an adorable outfit... your sunnies are so cool as well! <3

Carissa said...

oh girl, i love your bag!

Mon Cheri said...

ADORE your outfit, especially your bag

and I am very jealous of your hair <3

thanks for your lovely comment and for nominating me for the cosmo blog award, really appreciate it <3


Anonymous said...

you´re wonderful

Mirr.L said...

Nice pics! ;)
Like your blog,
follow me if you want,

Zabrinah said...

I totally understand what it's like to boy-crazy! Definitely. I've been there. Half of the time when I'm out with my friends, I will be the one to point out a cute guy. I'm still working on that ... haha.


I love your sandals! Is it awkward to say that your legs are beautiful? I love your outfit. And it looks like you had a wonderful day with friends. I love seeing art with mine.


Bleach said...

Your blog is super cute!!!


Estefany said...

Love your bags and the dress on your previous post! Btw, I have a giveaway going on my blog. Check it out, dont miss out!


you have amazing hair! :)

galatea. said...

very cool! love this post x