Je me fabrique a cœur de pierre pour devenir une grande fille.

photos by Marcela Prince and me

( oversized cardigan - Sfera, shirt dress - Fruit of the Loom men's interior t-shirt, tights - Julio, sandals - trip to Leon, Gto., necklace - C&A, rings - Charlotte Russe, sunglasses - Target, bag - Bershka )

My BFF flew over here from Baja California last Sunday and we've had a blast since then. She's going back next Tuesday and I really don't want that to happen but well... I'd rather concentrate in making these few days the best, so the good memory will last until I can go visit her this summer. So of course that means taking a lot of pictures. And also the weather cast has announced very hot days approaching, with temperatures going from 36ºC (97ºF) to 41ºC (105ºF), does anyone know about a look book, editorial or whatever from which I can draw inspiration for really light outfits?


I belong to the blank generation.

Lately I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from the Coachella Festival pictures I've seen around. People there seemed to be dressed for comfort, but still kept their style, which I don't know how to call. Trendy/Artsy/Rocker/Indie/Hippie-ish? Dunno, but it's great. It's also the kind of style you can find in the WildFox Couture lookbooks, that I've been looking at a lot as well. Back to Coachella, I think that festival is sort of the new Woodstock, it has the same feeling to me, but whatever, I just want to share my favorite Coachella photos with you.

( photos from the cobra snake )

( photos from I LOVE WILDFOX! )


Always stay cool, like a lady

( tank top - Pull & Bear, shorts - DIY cut offs, hat - Zara, flip flops and sunglasses - Target, rings - Charlotte Russe, handbag - Louis Vuitton )

Today I hanged around with a pair of my closest friends, and while we intended to go to a bakery shop called El Puro Cielo ("Pure Heaven"), where the best cookies and brownies of whole Monterrey are sold; we stumbled upon a frozen yogurt store, and since it was really hot, we rather went in there. It was called Orangecup, and it's like a Pink Berry thing, frozen yogurt with fruity toppings, which is great, because since I heard of Pink Berry and tried it in a trip to San Diego, I longed for a store like that in here. Orangecup was actually pretty good so I'm definitely going to be a regular there now. Also I bought a bottle of Chanel's  Mat Lumière foundation. It was so pricey! but totally worthy of every cent. Three weeks ago I noticed I was almost out of foundation so I went in the search of new options because I wanted to switch brands, the old one was way to oily for my skin and didn't have enough coverage for my Cameron-Diaz-bad skin (no offense intended, she's one of my favorite famous people  and I personally ADORE Cameron Diaz, but have you seen a picture of her with no make up? well, I'm like that too, ugh). I had to add on top a layer of Mac powder foundation and it was just too heavy during winter, I don't want to now how would that be in a hot weather. Any way, I went to Chanel just because I saw it first, and after the employee applied some foundation on my face for me to try it I just fell in love with it. It was ultra light and, GOD! my skin looked flawless. After weeks of struggling in my head to spend a part of my next August's summer trip savings on it, I finally grabbed the money and didn't look back. It hurted a bit when I had to pull the money out of my wallet to pay, but it was a good investment. Or at least I think so.


dr. pepper craving.

( t shirt - Zara, shorts - DYI, tights - Hot Topic, boots - flea market, sunglasses - Bershka )

I've been neglecting my blog so much, but I haven't been able to catch a break from school. FINALS ARE DEATH! Ever since last weekend I've been so stressed I'm surprised my hair didn't start to fall, and being under slept has finally catch up with me. That means I'm really moody all the time and people gets surprised, because I'm usually very laid back. The good news are that everything will be over by tomorrow, so today I just need to do one final push, and then I can indulge into enjoying my vacations. Two f-ing weeks vacations, but I have learned to appreciate any free time I get. 


i want one of those... badly.

(image from shopbop)

Kite and Butterfly hand beaded spring jacket. Isn't it beautiful and totally boho-chic?


Wearing a t-shirt backwards and taking photos with a hard flash.

( t shirt - vintage, shorts - DIY Walmart cut offs, knee high socks - American Apparel, boots - flea market, necklace - H&M, bangle - Bershka, wristwatch - Marc Ecko, rings - Charlotte Russe )

The weather forecast says it's going to rain the whole week. That f-ing sucks. Today I ran out of Harajuku Lovers: 'G' perfume, and during the weekend I failed in my search of another coconut scented perfume (I became obsessed with coconut smell), so I went back to my unfinished bottle of With Love... Maybe I'll just buy some Hawaiian Tropic sh*t and wear it instead of perfume. I have an insane load of homework to do and I can't get the motivation to start it. I was late to school because I was stuck in a traffic jam from hell that took me an hour to get out of.

Definitely not a good week start. At least humidity didn't get my hair today. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


'Cause we're the queens of noise.

I can't wait for The Runaways movie to finally get here, not just because I'm a fan of Joan Jett, but also because I sense that's it's going to be a style inspiration, big time. Specially the styling for Dakota Fanning (who plays Cherie Currie, another swell rock and roll lady). Have you seen it? It's AMAZING. But please allow me to stop babbling and show you some photos, that at least for me, were extremely inspirational. I'm even seriously considering to go back to the heavy black eyeliner, but dunno, it was too high maintenance, because if I didn't fixed it several times during the day it would smear all over my face, and then I would look as if I were drunk or on something. Any ways, I'll shut up now.

 ( some pictures, the thin ones, are from kstewartfans )