Paseo Santa Lucía.

(photos of me by Ileana Muñoz, random pictures by me)

( shirt - Sfera, skirt - Zara, necklace - C&A, messenger bag - Fossil, gladiator sandals - trip to León, Gto. )

El Paseo Santa Lucía, or the Santa Lucia Riverwalk is one of the landmarks of my hometown that was build as an attraction for the 2007 Universal Forum of Cultures. The Forum was so much fun, you could meet people from all over the world. I remember one time when I went with some friends because a band we liked was going to play a show, and while people were waiting for it to start, some Jamaican dudes pulled out some bongos and started to play and sing, and other ones started to dance and invited people to join in. Minutes later we had formed a giant circle and everyone was dancing and making noise. We almost didn't notice when the concert was about to start. But now that the Forum is gone, going to the riverwalk is still fun. You can go and enjoy the pretty scenery and the sun, splash around in some fountains, be a little stupid with some friends, eat a lot and walk the calories off. Just my kind of fun.


AttemptingStyle said...

that sounds ridiculously fun.

Silvia Couture said...

love the photos!! Looks so much fun!

oliolioli said...

amazing photos! Your blog rocks so much!!!