Always stay cool, like a lady

( tank top - Pull & Bear, shorts - DIY cut offs, hat - Zara, flip flops and sunglasses - Target, rings - Charlotte Russe, handbag - Louis Vuitton )

Today I hanged around with a pair of my closest friends, and while we intended to go to a bakery shop called El Puro Cielo ("Pure Heaven"), where the best cookies and brownies of whole Monterrey are sold; we stumbled upon a frozen yogurt store, and since it was really hot, we rather went in there. It was called Orangecup, and it's like a Pink Berry thing, frozen yogurt with fruity toppings, which is great, because since I heard of Pink Berry and tried it in a trip to San Diego, I longed for a store like that in here. Orangecup was actually pretty good so I'm definitely going to be a regular there now. Also I bought a bottle of Chanel's  Mat Lumière foundation. It was so pricey! but totally worthy of every cent. Three weeks ago I noticed I was almost out of foundation so I went in the search of new options because I wanted to switch brands, the old one was way to oily for my skin and didn't have enough coverage for my Cameron-Diaz-bad skin (no offense intended, she's one of my favorite famous people  and I personally ADORE Cameron Diaz, but have you seen a picture of her with no make up? well, I'm like that too, ugh). I had to add on top a layer of Mac powder foundation and it was just too heavy during winter, I don't want to now how would that be in a hot weather. Any way, I went to Chanel just because I saw it first, and after the employee applied some foundation on my face for me to try it I just fell in love with it. It was ultra light and, GOD! my skin looked flawless. After weeks of struggling in my head to spend a part of my next August's summer trip savings on it, I finally grabbed the money and didn't look back. It hurted a bit when I had to pull the money out of my wallet to pay, but it was a good investment. Or at least I think so.


Valerie said...

I love your big floppy hat and Orangecup sounds delicious!


Sara said...

I love hats!