Portraits of a Beloved Friend.

"Valery and her hat"

Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T1i
Lens: EF-S18-55 mm
ISO speed: 3200

Yesterday, before the m&m's pictures, I decided that my friend looked specially pretty and wanted to take some portraits of her. After I did some little styling adjustments we started the work. I think the photos came out decent for an improvised shooting and she looks really pretty in them, so I chose the best and put them together in an album hosted by www.imageshack.us . The link to the album is in the Galleries gadget on the side bar, go and give it a click if you want to see the rest of the portraits.

P.S.: If someone knows about an image hosting place that allows me to put captions on the photos please tell me, imageshack is good but I can't put the title or anything on the pictures.

M&M's rock!

"Red M&M"

I can be really silly and childish at times, specially when it comes about having fun. I'm just like a kid, I think I'll never really grow up. Tonight I was with a friend and we stumbled upon a pair of m&m costumes in my basement. I don't know where those came from, but I talked my friend into putting them on and taking some pictures. And so, we spent hours laughing and being stupid in front of the camera. Yeah, that's the typical behavior of a 19-year-old hahaha.


Art on my walls.

"Hippie Love"
Technique: gouache.
That's a reproduction of an image I found at www.deviantart.com , I would have put the link to the original, but I can't find it. Mine it's no exactly the same, the colors I mean, because of the technique I used.

Technique: acrylics.

People ask me what the f*ck is that, but it's really nothing. I just wanted to make something colorful and I was really obsessed with vectorial art back then.

"Baby Face"
Technique: pencils.

That was supposed to be a reproduction of another image I found at DA, but when I made it it turned out like that. The girl was much much older looking but in my interpretation she looks really young, almost a baby. My mom loved that one.

"Lakshmi, is that you?"
Technique: color pencils.

This is the one I'm the proudest of. It's an original of myself and I don't find it THAT student-project looking, like the rest of my originals. The teacher told the class that for this project we would have to do something that had a philosophical theme, so I went for Hinduism. That's supposed to be Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty and good luck, but I reinterpreted her. I adjusted her image so she would be more sensual looking, and draw her according to what's considered an attractive woman in western culture. Big boobs, thin waist, long legs, big lips and eyes, etc. But kept her dark coloring because I still wanted her to look Hindu.

Those are some of my favorite school works that I keep hanging on my wall. I know I'm not that good at drawing, but I still enjoy making illustrations. As a matter of fact, I seriously considered a career as a fashion illustrator or a book illustrator, but realized I was a better photographer and loved photography even more.


Class dismissed.

(I didn't noticed until someone pointed it out, that by the way I arranged the pictures it looks as if R-Patz was wearing leopard print tights hahaha.)


I have a very strong drive to set myself apart from the rest. A spot in a world full of lines if you wish, and that's why I did that to my school notebook. At the beginning of every quarter my college gives free notebooks to the students, and of course all of them look the same. I used to give those away and buy one, but this time the one they gave us were made with recycled paper, and since I'm a little of an ecologist, I thought that was rather cool and decided to use it this time. But I had to make it my own, you know, little miss individual, and made a pretty cover and back cover for it. I also added the lashes to keep it organized, you know, little miss tidy. At the end I just LOVED the final product, it's fun and unique.

By the way, today I missed all of my classes because I ran late to every single one of them. Don't ask me how that happened, it's a mystery to even myself. I don't mind that much, I just got a little upset about missing my first class because I had made my homework and didn't have the chance to turn it in.


Happy, happy!

"Daisy baby"

Today's weather it's awesome! I love it when it's warm and sunny, and it's supposed to be like this all week. So I'm ultra happy because I hate cold weather, and it has been like that for almost a month up until yesterday. I took advantage of this to give my dog a bath, I haven't been able to do so for about 2 months. Poor little thing. I also took a walk with her and she was all excited bouncing and running everywhere. All this made me so happy I even forgot about the pain of going back to school.


Right before shcool.

(Picture by Poli Green)

Last night was INSANE! I went to a friend's birthday party and it turned out really wild. There was even a fight between a friend of mine and another girl, it was over a very stupid thing, but some punches were thrown. It was the perfect "right-before-returning-to-school" party. I saw lots of people I haven't seen in years, had a total blast, and I'm sure everyone is gonna talk about last night's events for awhile.


Wish list.

(image from chictopia.com)

(image from nikapika.com)

You should applaud me people, it took me long enough to start talking about clothes, considering that fashion is one of my passions (the other ones are love, photography & music). Any way, I must say that I'm absolutely dying to posses one of those hats (but I'd rather have a black one instead of red because of matching issues), and a faux fur vest. Which, by the way, yesterday I saw a cream color one at the mall that was absolutely PERFECT. The sad reality is that I'm low on money and can't buy either one, but aaaah... it costs nothing to dream.


No car and cupcakes.

(Crappy picture I know, but I was too lazy to take my camera down to the kitchen so I decided to make the snapshot with my cellphone... wrong! I promise to never do it again.)

I had forgotten how ugly, terrible, but over all tiring it's life without a car, and I couldn't have chosen a worst time to check mine into the repair shop. I did that yesterday without thinking that today I had to go shopping for my mom's birthday present, so I had to walk to the mall, which luckly for me isn't that far away, but still... Then, since I was too lazy to walk back home I decided to pay a visit to one of my best friends, and have my dad pick me up later when he went back home from his girlfriend's house. I had fun though, we baked those chocolate cupcakes from scratch. That gave me a feeling of self satisfaction. I didn't put the cream cheese frosting in a very pretty way so mine are sort of ugly looking, but they taste soooo good!


Manic tuesday.

"Poli Green smokes?!"

"Ziggy smokes too?!"

I just adored that picture of mine. My friend, Poli, is blessed with the ability of taking shots of me that I actually like. Which is a difficult task. On another topic, today I had a night out with my girls. Just a yummy dinner and some drinks, but the evening was full of laughs and event full. By "event full" I mean that on our way back to our homes I managed to get a flat tire, and getting back on track was quite a show. Oddly enough even THAT was fun. I guess that you can have fun in almost any situation as long as you're with friends.



"Long time, no see"

"What a mess!"

That's how my desk looked like this morning. Thank God now all that clutter is gone and those old books and cd's are enjoying their new location in my basement. I decided to snap a shot of that before cleaning up because it kind of gave a bohemian/Parisian vibe. I don't know why, but even though I dislike that kind of mess, I found that view sort of beautiful. And while digging in my drawers I stumbled upon my old furby. I placed it on my nightstand because I thought it would make a cool ornament... yes, everyday I become crazier and crazier.


A not so lazy sunday.

"Just 5 more minutes, please"
(That's a childhood friend of mine. Yes, I still sleep with a stuffed animal because I find it very hard to fall asleep if I'm not holding something. Weird, huh?)

Today I planned to stay in bed under my big, fluffy, warm covers all day, but then I remembered that I had been meaning to make a massive cleanse of my room. I wanted to throw away everything that I don't use anymore and make room in my closet and drawers for new stuff. There's so much to do that I think I'll have to continue tomorrow, but all this has gotten me thinking about something. Artsy people (real artsy people not wanna be's) are obsessive and picky about their environment. And I've noticed that there are 2 schools: they're either post-apocalyptic messy and they can't live unless they're room looks like a tornado pass through it, or they're squeaky neat to the point that they freak out if something is out of place. Like myself. I like my stuff in a certain order and it really annoys me when someone moves it around. I won't make a scene out of it but I will curse under my breath while arranging things back. I also strongly dislike dirty places, bathrooms and kitchens specially, they make me want to gag and run for the hills. But of course, despise all that, my drawers can be really messy because I tend to just throw things into them. I do tidy them up once in a while but it doesn't last too long. So even though this massive room cleanse is a lot of work, at the end I'm gonna be all happy and proud of myself.

Life planner.

"Teddy bears and dreams"

(Picture of my best friend that I took while she was writing down a dream she had in her journal, a very cute habit I think; last time I was at her house. Lots of love to her and her family. I know this is a very amateur looking picture but give me a break, I still haven't made a "formal" photo shoot. There are plans for one sometime next week though, I'll post some frames of that.)

During the last days of every year I'm in a very thoughtful mood. I think about what I've done, what I haven't done, what I want and all sorts of existential things . But in the last days of 2009 something big hit me: I was about to turn 20 years old I had the feeling that I haven't done anything. Also, almost at the end of my 2º year of college I have finally "discovered" what I want to be. It was so obvious that it surprised me that I had had any doubts and even considered different choices. I want to be a photographer. The concept of capturing the essence of a moment, an object, or even a person it's a passion for me. When a camera is between my hands and I'm looking through its viewfinder it feels natural, it's just right. And as cheesy as it may sound, I feel inspired and plain happy. Definitely, being a photographer is my dream job and what I wish the most to be.

So this blog was created as first step in my yellow brick road and towards my goal. Of course I'm taking more actions in the matter. It would be stupid of me to believe that only with this I would achieve anything, but being the Internet the important platform for exposure it is, I believe that if I put enough work and effort in this blog the world may stop and take notice in time. Who knows. I loose nothing with trying, right? And maybe next December I'll be much happier with what I had accomplished and be proud of myself.