Class dismissed.

(I didn't noticed until someone pointed it out, that by the way I arranged the pictures it looks as if R-Patz was wearing leopard print tights hahaha.)


I have a very strong drive to set myself apart from the rest. A spot in a world full of lines if you wish, and that's why I did that to my school notebook. At the beginning of every quarter my college gives free notebooks to the students, and of course all of them look the same. I used to give those away and buy one, but this time the one they gave us were made with recycled paper, and since I'm a little of an ecologist, I thought that was rather cool and decided to use it this time. But I had to make it my own, you know, little miss individual, and made a pretty cover and back cover for it. I also added the lashes to keep it organized, you know, little miss tidy. At the end I just LOVED the final product, it's fun and unique.

By the way, today I missed all of my classes because I ran late to every single one of them. Don't ask me how that happened, it's a mystery to even myself. I don't mind that much, I just got a little upset about missing my first class because I had made my homework and didn't have the chance to turn it in.

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