No car and cupcakes.

(Crappy picture I know, but I was too lazy to take my camera down to the kitchen so I decided to make the snapshot with my cellphone... wrong! I promise to never do it again.)

I had forgotten how ugly, terrible, but over all tiring it's life without a car, and I couldn't have chosen a worst time to check mine into the repair shop. I did that yesterday without thinking that today I had to go shopping for my mom's birthday present, so I had to walk to the mall, which luckly for me isn't that far away, but still... Then, since I was too lazy to walk back home I decided to pay a visit to one of my best friends, and have my dad pick me up later when he went back home from his girlfriend's house. I had fun though, we baked those chocolate cupcakes from scratch. That gave me a feeling of self satisfaction. I didn't put the cream cheese frosting in a very pretty way so mine are sort of ugly looking, but they taste soooo good!

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