Art on my walls.

"Hippie Love"
Technique: gouache.
That's a reproduction of an image I found at www.deviantart.com , I would have put the link to the original, but I can't find it. Mine it's no exactly the same, the colors I mean, because of the technique I used.

Technique: acrylics.

People ask me what the f*ck is that, but it's really nothing. I just wanted to make something colorful and I was really obsessed with vectorial art back then.

"Baby Face"
Technique: pencils.

That was supposed to be a reproduction of another image I found at DA, but when I made it it turned out like that. The girl was much much older looking but in my interpretation she looks really young, almost a baby. My mom loved that one.

"Lakshmi, is that you?"
Technique: color pencils.

This is the one I'm the proudest of. It's an original of myself and I don't find it THAT student-project looking, like the rest of my originals. The teacher told the class that for this project we would have to do something that had a philosophical theme, so I went for Hinduism. That's supposed to be Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty and good luck, but I reinterpreted her. I adjusted her image so she would be more sensual looking, and draw her according to what's considered an attractive woman in western culture. Big boobs, thin waist, long legs, big lips and eyes, etc. But kept her dark coloring because I still wanted her to look Hindu.

Those are some of my favorite school works that I keep hanging on my wall. I know I'm not that good at drawing, but I still enjoy making illustrations. As a matter of fact, I seriously considered a career as a fashion illustrator or a book illustrator, but realized I was a better photographer and loved photography even more.

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