Life planner.

"Teddy bears and dreams"

(Picture of my best friend that I took while she was writing down a dream she had in her journal, a very cute habit I think; last time I was at her house. Lots of love to her and her family. I know this is a very amateur looking picture but give me a break, I still haven't made a "formal" photo shoot. There are plans for one sometime next week though, I'll post some frames of that.)

During the last days of every year I'm in a very thoughtful mood. I think about what I've done, what I haven't done, what I want and all sorts of existential things . But in the last days of 2009 something big hit me: I was about to turn 20 years old I had the feeling that I haven't done anything. Also, almost at the end of my 2º year of college I have finally "discovered" what I want to be. It was so obvious that it surprised me that I had had any doubts and even considered different choices. I want to be a photographer. The concept of capturing the essence of a moment, an object, or even a person it's a passion for me. When a camera is between my hands and I'm looking through its viewfinder it feels natural, it's just right. And as cheesy as it may sound, I feel inspired and plain happy. Definitely, being a photographer is my dream job and what I wish the most to be.

So this blog was created as first step in my yellow brick road and towards my goal. Of course I'm taking more actions in the matter. It would be stupid of me to believe that only with this I would achieve anything, but being the Internet the important platform for exposure it is, I believe that if I put enough work and effort in this blog the world may stop and take notice in time. Who knows. I loose nothing with trying, right? And maybe next December I'll be much happier with what I had accomplished and be proud of myself.

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