A not so lazy sunday.

"Just 5 more minutes, please"
(That's a childhood friend of mine. Yes, I still sleep with a stuffed animal because I find it very hard to fall asleep if I'm not holding something. Weird, huh?)

Today I planned to stay in bed under my big, fluffy, warm covers all day, but then I remembered that I had been meaning to make a massive cleanse of my room. I wanted to throw away everything that I don't use anymore and make room in my closet and drawers for new stuff. There's so much to do that I think I'll have to continue tomorrow, but all this has gotten me thinking about something. Artsy people (real artsy people not wanna be's) are obsessive and picky about their environment. And I've noticed that there are 2 schools: they're either post-apocalyptic messy and they can't live unless they're room looks like a tornado pass through it, or they're squeaky neat to the point that they freak out if something is out of place. Like myself. I like my stuff in a certain order and it really annoys me when someone moves it around. I won't make a scene out of it but I will curse under my breath while arranging things back. I also strongly dislike dirty places, bathrooms and kitchens specially, they make me want to gag and run for the hills. But of course, despise all that, my drawers can be really messy because I tend to just throw things into them. I do tidy them up once in a while but it doesn't last too long. So even though this massive room cleanse is a lot of work, at the end I'm gonna be all happy and proud of myself.

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