"Keep the 5. I'll do you a favor... I'll take the 10!"

I've been driven crazy with final exams, there fore there haven't been time for some outfit photos, which is a bust. And also I know I haven't replied to your lovely comments, which is very important to me. But I promise I will, you know I always do :) Anyways, I found my self blogging from school between exams, and since I have no photos I'm going to talk about a foxy lady that I adore: Nicole Richie. God, I could go on and on about how cool I think she is. When I used to watch The Simple Life I related more to her, I'm goofy like that and some times I can have a dude's sense of humor LOL. Yes, she may be a bit too thin and that's always a controversial theme, but that doesn't keep her from being such a stylish woman. I look up to her fashion sense a lot, it's very effortlessly chic and has that boho-rocker vibe that I just adore. She's always looking perfect in my book, even being a mom, and I think that's challenging. Many women loose themselves in motherhood, and I'm not saying that your looks is more important than your kids, that's crazy talk, but I grew up with a mom that no matter what always had her hair and make up done, and would always be in 6 inches heels, so in my opinion one must never forget to look after herself. So, of course, I think Nicole Richie is a super stylish mom, don't you think?

She's totally living the life, or at least she's living my dream life being the fashionable mom of a couple of beautiful babies and having a hot rocker fiance.

Yeah, that will be me some day, walking down the street hand-in-hand with my tattooed rock n' roll boyfriend LOL.


Life is picnic.

( t-shirt and tote - Zara / shorts - DIY Sfera cut-offs / gladiator sandals - local shop in León, Mex. / necklace - C&A / belt - my dad's closet / sunglasses and rings - local stores )

Last Sunday I had a lovely day with a pair of my girlfriends. We went to have a picnic and then saw a pair of painting exhibitions that were taking place at the park. Oh, and also we went boy watching hahahaha there were some hot skaters, WIN! :) lately I discovered I'm sort of boy-crazy. Not too much, God no, but just enough to always notice a cute guy passing by. I'm the type of girl that will discretely whisper to you "look over there, but don't be to obvious", while smiling mischievously LOL. Is that too weird?


Cursis melodías cantaré toda la semana para tí.

(denim shirt - Pull&Bear / dress - Zara / gladiator sandals - local store in Guanajuato, Mex. / rings - local market)

I've been obsessed with a song called "Cursis Melodías" (it would translate to "Corny Melodies" or something like that), by Mexican songstress Natalia Lafourcade. I didn't use to hear that much music done by Mexican or Latin artists, because what you can hear on the mainstream over here (radio, music channels and such) is either what I consider very stupid pop, lame rock, or things that are more on the side of Mexican north's traditional music (which by the way I do not enjoy). But since I heard that song in particular my faith in national and Latin musicians has grown a big deal, and I've started to hear more and more music in my mother language. Fact that strangely makes me happy LOL. Also, the video of Cursis Melodias is so pretty, and so fashion-wise inspiring to me, that I want to share it with you: Cursis Melodías music video. I love the styling in this, so vintage and girly, with her flowy dresses, granny-esque cardigan and shoes, flowers in her hair and color thights.

(If you do watched it, and want to know what the heck is she singing about (in case you don't know Spanish) just ask for a translation and I would gladly do it.)


Wait, they don't love you like I love you.

( plaid shirt - PacSun, armor ring - Vivienne Westwood, other rings - local shops, necklace - H&M, reading glasses - DKNY )

I'm a big fan of wearing enormous chunky rings all stacked together on my fingers. As matter of fact, rings are my favorite accessories. They immediately give any outfit a whole different feeling and a personal touch. Which is your all time favorite accessory?


Pink sherbert popsicle lips.

( shoes and dress - Zara )

Yup, that's pretty much all I wore to my birthday party. Just a pair of pretty high heels, and a body-con dress with puffy 80's-ish shoulders. Which all my friends referred as a Lady Gaga-ish dress, but I just didn't get it, it isn't extravagant enough... I think (my makeup on the other hand was inspired by Gaga, I just toned it a little bit down by not doing the super big eyebrows). Then again, my fashion sense tends to be too bold compared to what every one else wears around here. If you want my opinion, most people's style over here is mild, they all blend together, and well... I like standing out hahaha.


The sound of water makes her dream.

photos by me, Poli Green and Ricardo Tello.

Yes, this will be another random photos post. A hurricane hit my city last week and everything has been a mess so I haven't had the time to take some outfit pictures, but no worries, I've made the time to do that today so expect those photos in a few days. Now, on another topic, I would like to thank to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I had a real good time actually. Some friends and I went to have dinner to a sushi restaurant and since it was my b-day my meal was complimentary, yay! What else could I ask for? Anyways, tomorrow will be the real party ;) and all of your advice have helped, really. Now I have a clearer idea of what to wear, thank you very very much!