Pink sherbert popsicle lips.

( shoes and dress - Zara )

Yup, that's pretty much all I wore to my birthday party. Just a pair of pretty high heels, and a body-con dress with puffy 80's-ish shoulders. Which all my friends referred as a Lady Gaga-ish dress, but I just didn't get it, it isn't extravagant enough... I think (my makeup on the other hand was inspired by Gaga, I just toned it a little bit down by not doing the super big eyebrows). Then again, my fashion sense tends to be too bold compared to what every one else wears around here. If you want my opinion, most people's style over here is mild, they all blend together, and well... I like standing out hahaha.


Eda ♥ said...

You are beautiful and your make-up is fabulous ♥

Eda ♥


Kaya said...

the shoes are soo great! i'm jealous (just a little ;-)

Esther said...

you look pretty and your legs are amaaazing!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much girl. Yeah, I'm really kind of obsessed with Atlanta at the momenttt! I just can't believe she's so young. =/ haha.

And your shoes= AMAZING.

Sarah said...

you look so petty! i'm super envious of your beautiful hair
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KALIN said...

We love your blog and we want to shoot you! Come drop by and enter our contest :)


Kalin and Charley

Charleston said...

you look great here! x


Jamie said...

You look SO CUTE!! Love everything about this!

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marie said...

super cute look! the lip color and toe color go perfectly together <3

meggasus said...

I love it when people like to make bold statements with their wardrobe and stand out...you look great!

Eri said...

Hi there,
You have a great blog! I like it!

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Hope to see you soon.


shoes! shoes! shoes! <3