The sound of water makes her dream.

photos by me, Poli Green and Ricardo Tello.

Yes, this will be another random photos post. A hurricane hit my city last week and everything has been a mess so I haven't had the time to take some outfit pictures, but no worries, I've made the time to do that today so expect those photos in a few days. Now, on another topic, I would like to thank to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I had a real good time actually. Some friends and I went to have dinner to a sushi restaurant and since it was my b-day my meal was complimentary, yay! What else could I ask for? Anyways, tomorrow will be the real party ;) and all of your advice have helped, really. Now I have a clearer idea of what to wear, thank you very very much!


Mia Härter said...

Wow, Great sunglasses!! <3



DaisyLine said...

great and interesting pics!

Jamie said...

Great pics! And those sunglasses are so much fun!


Ariadne said...

Nice post!Cute glasses!Kisses!

Kaya said...

the pictur with the beatles on it is very cool; oh, i also want to stay in front of it ;-))

KALIN said...

I love that first photo! The lighting is BOMBBBBB

XO- Neuter Kalin

Hardini said...

great photos! you made these by yourself? wow. lovely blog :)

i want what she's wearing said...

Love the photos - the first is insane! And where is that wall with the Beatles on it?? So cool.


Indigo Iris said...

Great photos! Very inspiring!

love ur blog! fabulous! im following u,

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