Wait, they don't love you like I love you.

( plaid shirt - PacSun, armor ring - Vivienne Westwood, other rings - local shops, necklace - H&M, reading glasses - DKNY )

I'm a big fan of wearing enormous chunky rings all stacked together on my fingers. As matter of fact, rings are my favorite accessories. They immediately give any outfit a whole different feeling and a personal touch. Which is your all time favorite accessory?


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Love the rings, the more the better!

KALIN said...

I love all these rings!! excessorize!

Neuter Kalin

kirstyb said...

cute shirt xxxx

Fatima A. said...

my favorite accessories are definitely rings! And I loove your rings especially the one at your left hand, omg it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

such a cute shirt:)

Hazel Rose said...

Nice Pics :]

I love the Vivienne Westwood's armor ring! That's so cute. I felt in love with these fucked ring about 3 years ago but i can't get it.
Favorite accessory: Guess, babe! hahahahaha Yey! John Lennon's glasses.
Hugs and see my new blog!


maggeygrace said...

I'm following your blog as of this moment. Your blog is so unqiue and artsy- scrolling through it feels like walking through the MET! I love it. This plaid shirt is perfect and that ring is reason for envy:)


Wendy said...

I like your necklace, its very unique.

SAMM said...

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With love, Samm

Anonymous said...

agree! love your rings

Blicious said...

love the shirt and all your amazing rings!!

new follower! :)