Feels like I'm knockin' on heavens door.

( photos by Poli Green, concept and editing by me )

( t-shirt and shorts - DIY, purse - Bershka, headband - Zara, western boots - Ross, aviator sunglasses - Target, necklace - H&M )

If someone asked me what is the most influential thing in my dressing style, I would definitely have to say rock music. Specially my favorite kinds: 60's-70's hippie rock music, 80's glam metal, and southern rock. Sometimes it might be obvious, and others it might be just some little details here and there, but it is always present.


Happy birthday V.

(picture from flickr, taken by krossbow)

Yesterday was one of my best friend's birthday, so I just wanted to dedicate a post to her and wish her a happy happy late birthday. I've known her since we were 8 years old, so she's like a sister to me and I love her very very much. I wasn't able to talk to her yesterday because she was outside the city, but I called her today and I'm going to her house later. I can't wait to give her her gift. I get excited when I'm about to give a present.


The clouds will be a daisy chain so let me see you smile again.

( t-shirt and hobo bag - Zara, black denim pants - Sfera, denim jacket - vintage Calvin Klein, western boots - Ross, sunglasses and bangle - Bershka )

Yesterday was my sister's birthday (happy birthday to her again!) and I had lunch with her, my mom and my mom's boyfriend at Chili's. We had fun. We all tend to joke around A LOT, so the meal was full with laughter. Then, when we were leaving, my sister and I walked my mom to her car (which I dunno why she parked really far away), and came across a record store that had that rad giant poster of The Beatles on their window. You can't blame me for immediately running over there and had some photos snapped right in the spot. 


When Terry ran away...

( photos by  Paulina Deutzman )

( flannel shirt - Pacsun, pants - Zara, boots - no brand, aviator sunglasses - Target, messenger bag - Fossil, bangle - Bershka, watch - Marc Ecko )

Those photos were took by my lovely baby sister, that was kind enough to help me out with my posing as well, by giving me some directions when my pose wasn't too flattering. It was difficult to choose the final pictures, most of them we're so good! She's a rookie model but is very talented, and even has landed some pretty good gigs in the short time she has been in the business. Last sunday she walked for three designers during Monterrey Runway, which is the equivalent of NY Fashion Week, and I'm extremely proud and happy for her. I wasn't able to go and cheer for her, fact that I deeply deeply regret, but I'm sure she did fantastic and looked super beautiful in the runway.


Jesus Christ, that's a pretty face.

Element Summer Collection 2010 (images from Element)

Everything is so beautiful, I want it all! I'm craving for a romper and Element has one that's absolutely perfect, it has a beautiful design yet it seems to be really comfortable to wear. Every piece of the whole collection seems comfortable. I also want a pair of those tough 90's-ish looking boots, but over here the ones that I've managed to find are for men. Maybe I'll buy them despite of that, it wouldn't be the first time I buy men clothing/shoes for myself anyway, and those boots are kind of unisex.


No me digas que hacer pues sabes probablemente lo haga al revés.

( blouse and hobo bag - Zara, shorts - old cut off jeans, thigh high socks - American Apparel, flats - they're so old I don't remember where I bought them )

The post's title means "don't tell me what to do because you know that probably I'll do it the other way". That's a lyric from a song of a local group that's pretty famous nation wide. I actually don't like that many mexican rock groups, or any genre group for that matter, but Division Minúscula is really good and I highly recommend them. By the way, I'm starting to totally feel exasperated with the fact that I don't own a single pair of high heels, that outfit would have been so much better if I had wore some.


Nowhere, yeah we're going nowhere fast.

(photos by Gaby Rocha)

( shorts & t-shirt - DIY, hat - Zara, black bangle - Bershka, rainbow bangle - Hot Topic, zebra bangle - gift from a friend, flip flops - Target, rings - Charlotte Russe, necklace - H&M )

That t-shirt got compliments like crazy yesterday when I wore it to school, and everybody got surprised when I told them I made it as a class project. One of my friends liked it so much she even asked me to make one for her. All that positive attention towards my work made me happy. That and the beautiful photos Gaby and I took on her rooftop laughing all along added up for a great day. I loved how the sky started to show all those pinks, oranges and blues. That's my favorite kind of sunset and I'm glad we were able to capture it in a picture.

Oh! Tonight I'm going to a Coldplay show and I'm super ecstatic. I won the tickets in a smoothies store's raffle, and since I never win anything I wanted to drop dead from happiness when I received the e-mail. Wish me to have lots of fun!


It ain't me you're looking for, babe.

(pants - Sfera, shoes - BCBG, sunglasses and bangle - Bershka, braided headband - Lavoro, shirt - my dad's closet)

Yes, I do tend to wear my dad's clothes a lot, but the thing is that I like that type of chunky fit on coats and shirts. It's just so cozy and comfortable, and I wanted my clothes to me comfortable that day because my shoes weren't, and I was expecting a lot of standing up and walking around. My feet were hell that night.


We walk around pretending we're so grown up.

(on me: Zara t-shirt dress and shoes, American Apparel thigh highs, shorts are an old pair of pants I cut off, my dad's old leather jacket.)

I had a really fun time last Saturday night. A friend of mine threw a party at his house because of his birthday, and a bunch of cool people showed up. There was a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows to dip in it, jelly shots, and good music to dance the night away. Of course, since I'm not really used to high heels, I ended up with really sore feet and my right foot has been numb since Sunday morning... but, oh well.