No me digas que hacer pues sabes probablemente lo haga al revés.

( blouse and hobo bag - Zara, shorts - old cut off jeans, thigh high socks - American Apparel, flats - they're so old I don't remember where I bought them )

The post's title means "don't tell me what to do because you know that probably I'll do it the other way". That's a lyric from a song of a local group that's pretty famous nation wide. I actually don't like that many mexican rock groups, or any genre group for that matter, but Division Minúscula is really good and I highly recommend them. By the way, I'm starting to totally feel exasperated with the fact that I don't own a single pair of high heels, that outfit would have been so much better if I had wore some.

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AttemptingStyle said...

love that necklace. and if you want to experiment with heels get to target. not the greatest made, but good to try out.