The clouds will be a daisy chain so let me see you smile again.

( t-shirt and hobo bag - Zara, black denim pants - Sfera, denim jacket - vintage Calvin Klein, western boots - Ross, sunglasses and bangle - Bershka )

Yesterday was my sister's birthday (happy birthday to her again!) and I had lunch with her, my mom and my mom's boyfriend at Chili's. We had fun. We all tend to joke around A LOT, so the meal was full with laughter. Then, when we were leaving, my sister and I walked my mom to her car (which I dunno why she parked really far away), and came across a record store that had that rad giant poster of The Beatles on their window. You can't blame me for immediately running over there and had some photos snapped right in the spot. 


Silvia Couture said...

I would have sooo taken a picture as well! Perfect how your outfit and the poster go so well =) And thanks for your sweet words!


AttemptingStyle said...

thats a poster!? i thought it was a mural or something

Walk The Sand said...

Amazing Beatles poster. Perfect backdrop.