Jesus Christ, that's a pretty face.

Element Summer Collection 2010 (images from Element)

Everything is so beautiful, I want it all! I'm craving for a romper and Element has one that's absolutely perfect, it has a beautiful design yet it seems to be really comfortable to wear. Every piece of the whole collection seems comfortable. I also want a pair of those tough 90's-ish looking boots, but over here the ones that I've managed to find are for men. Maybe I'll buy them despite of that, it wouldn't be the first time I buy men clothing/shoes for myself anyway, and those boots are kind of unisex.


AttemptingStyle said...

love that song, and these pictures. send me everything, plz.

Mikaela Urbom said...

AMAZING PICS!!!! so beautiful

AttemptingStyle said...

wish we had an H&M here in the middle of nowhere... :/