Je me fabrique a cœur de pierre pour devenir une grande fille.

photos by Marcela Prince and me

( oversized cardigan - Sfera, shirt dress - Fruit of the Loom men's interior t-shirt, tights - Julio, sandals - trip to Leon, Gto., necklace - C&A, rings - Charlotte Russe, sunglasses - Target, bag - Bershka )

My BFF flew over here from Baja California last Sunday and we've had a blast since then. She's going back next Tuesday and I really don't want that to happen but well... I'd rather concentrate in making these few days the best, so the good memory will last until I can go visit her this summer. So of course that means taking a lot of pictures. And also the weather cast has announced very hot days approaching, with temperatures going from 36ºC (97ºF) to 41ºC (105ºF), does anyone know about a look book, editorial or whatever from which I can draw inspiration for really light outfits?


oliolioli said...

Thank you so much for your html help!!! <333
Those pictures are gorgeous! where do you live? I'm so jealous about it being so hot over there. It has been quite nice in the UK over the past few days but you have to expect rain all the time.

Anonymous said...

You look so georgeous, love your style:)

Valerie said...

You're adorable! I love your hair in these pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!


FashionSmajlik said...

beautiful foto..great style :)