Ink?... yes, please.

 Peaches Geldof for Ultimo Lingerie, 2009.

Theo Kogan for Kenneth Cole's 2008 advertising campaign "We All Walk In Different Shoes"

Jeffrey Star. Image from the Vans Warped Tour page.

Kat Von D, add for her perfumes "Saint" and "Sinner" at Sephora.

Yes, I'm a tattoos fan, guilty as charged. But well I'm an artsy person and a hardcore fan of rock and roll, what could you expect? I've been wanting to get my fair share of ink since I was 15, but haven't get anything done yet out of respect to my father. He's still supporting me and I'm living under his roof, so I have to obey his rules. It's only fair, yeah? I'm a rebellious spirit, but not a stupid one, and it would be idiotic to spoil my relationship with my dad over some body art, and having to hide my tattoos in my own house does not appeal to me. But as soon as I'm standing on my own feet I'll be obeying no one else but myself, so I'll get all the pretty and colorful tatts that I want. And believe me, they're A LOT. I can't wait for that to happen, they will be the perfect accessories to look completely bad ass at all times. 


AttemptingStyle said...

i am wayyy to indecisive to get one (i can't even commit to a brand of milk), but i can't wait to see what you'll end up getting.

Samantha said...

I love her tattoos<3