'Cause we're the queens of noise.

I can't wait for The Runaways movie to finally get here, not just because I'm a fan of Joan Jett, but also because I sense that's it's going to be a style inspiration, big time. Specially the styling for Dakota Fanning (who plays Cherie Currie, another swell rock and roll lady). Have you seen it? It's AMAZING. But please allow me to stop babbling and show you some photos, that at least for me, were extremely inspirational. I'm even seriously considering to go back to the heavy black eyeliner, but dunno, it was too high maintenance, because if I didn't fixed it several times during the day it would smear all over my face, and then I would look as if I were drunk or on something. Any ways, I'll shut up now.

 ( some pictures, the thin ones, are from kstewartfans )


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AttemptingStyle said...

when did dakota get so old!? ad the last picture is gold: denim jumpsuit done right.