dr. pepper craving.

( t shirt - Zara, shorts - DYI, tights - Hot Topic, boots - flea market, sunglasses - Bershka )

I've been neglecting my blog so much, but I haven't been able to catch a break from school. FINALS ARE DEATH! Ever since last weekend I've been so stressed I'm surprised my hair didn't start to fall, and being under slept has finally catch up with me. That means I'm really moody all the time and people gets surprised, because I'm usually very laid back. The good news are that everything will be over by tomorrow, so today I just need to do one final push, and then I can indulge into enjoying my vacations. Two f-ing weeks vacations, but I have learned to appreciate any free time I get. 

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AttemptingStyle said...

ugh, i know how that is... at least your almost doneee!