I don't need an excuse 'cause I'm wearing my brand new shoes.

I took the decision of starting to wear high heeled shoes, and send to hell the self-conscious feeling I get when people stare at me as if I were a freak in the streets whenever I attempt to wear a pair (I live in a country were women rarely grow past 5'4", a man who's 5'6" is already considered tall and I'm taller than that, so you get the picture). And ever since I've stayed up until 3 or 4 a.m. just browsing shoes online and drooling all over my keybord, wishing I could afford a pair of beautiful Jeffrey Campbell wedges. At some point, during one of my late nights, the idea of getting a part time job just so I could buy some of his shoes cruised my mind, and it didn't seem too wacky. But oh God, just take a look at these cuties...

 (Tickle open toe slashed booties. Picture from Shopbop.)
(99 fur in leopard. Picture from Solestruck.)

JF has became my favorite shoe designer. I loved every single one of his shoes, but those 2 were my favorites. Also, the selection in Acne was beautiful, but these wedges took my breath away...

(Atacoma black metal A/W 09. Picture from Acne.)

But they're really expensive (a little bit more than $500 USD), and Acne does not deliver to my country. Anyways, dreaming costs nothing though. On the brighter side of this situation, I also took a look at the shoes from the stores where I normally buy clothes and found some that were gorgeous AND affordable.



(Pictures from Pull and Bear)

(Picture from Zara)

The Pull and Bear sandal wedges, and the Zara clogs are the ones I like the most.


AttemptingStyle said...

ive honestly considered opening a shoes only credit card... but then id go bankrupt! all beautiful shoes, loving the 99 fur... contemplating getting it right now, actually.

Gala Turman said...

Uhhhh, I want them all!!!!!!!!
Crazy shoes & they made me so crazy toooo